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This Store Will be closed permanently on Jan 31 ,2022 All orders in process will be delivered
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping
4 Colors Eyebrow Pen - Best USA Shopping

Eyebrow Pen- 4 Colors

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Waterproof 4 Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil Cosmetic Long Lasting Natural Dark Brown Liquid Eye Brow Pencil.

Get precise, defined & natural looking brows with our micro ink pen by brow stylist. This instant pen precisely tints brows with its comb tip applicator for a natural looking, hair-like effect. It is waterproof, smudge resistant, does not transfer and color does not fade. Enjoy natural looking brows . Its Precise comb tip for smooth application 

  • 【Five colors】Can replace These Eyebrow Pencils have 5, including 4 Replaceable pens.
  • 【Easy to use】Diamond Wedge Applicator – chiseled, precision point for well-defined brows
  • 【Longwear brow gel】Intense to natural looking brows. Brows that last. Enhanced up to 48 hours. Waterproof. No smudge. No transfer. Sweat-resistant
  • 【The Unbelieva】Apply in three easy steps with must-have brow tools- Lightly apply Unbelieva-brow with precise applicator to fill in sparse areas- use the angled brush to outline and define brow shape with feather-like strokes and finish by combing through brows with spoolie.
  • 【Easy to Remove】High-Quality Ingredients – cruelty free, gluten free and talc free

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Customer Reviews

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Five Star Worthy

I came across this bad boy scrolling on you tube. I for the life of me cannot draw on my brows freehanded and it was driving me mad. I had them waxed once and they haven't been the same since. They take FOREVER to grow back so now I don't trust people touching this. This however is the answer to my eyebrow prayers. It's so easy to use and functional. I have NEVER had my brows look so good. EVER! The pictures don't do this product justice. I thought the color would be too dark but it was just to my liking. It even made my brows look feathery. I'm stocking up on these from now on!

Hard to get behind these pens... but this is the best so far? Sadly?

I am all about natural brows, this is the closest thing I’ve found for drawing on natural looking brows....

+ but the ink dries out SO quickly. It reminds me of felt tip eyeliners, where the ink dries the felt out and then you have to scrap it off in order for it to work... well it’s like that but you can’t scrap this felt tip or else you ruin it. The idea of this is beautiful, but once they figure out how to fix the tip of it... then I won’t be continuing to use it.

+ Not “smudge proof” you CAN wipe it off but it stains your skin this like greenish color(similar to the color cheap copper jewelry stains your skin)

+ moisture wicking???? I have combo skin and my eyelid area is rather oily and this glides right over it and fails to show up. Again this felt tip is super dry and only gets worse.

+ easy to use, yes! Tbh it’s hard to mess up with this pen... again, it just dries too quickly for it to be worth the money.

Terry Schadegg
Love this

I read a lot of bad reviews about this product before I purchased it, about how it dried out, turned your skin green, etc. I have not experienced that. I use this product everyday and it works great for me. It does take some time to apply and I do shake it a lot before I use it (which honestly may help with the “drying out”). I also push down pretty hard when I use it. The entire applicator has to lay flat against your skin when you first start using it for anything to come out. Overall I like this product. I think a lot of the bad reviews are coming from individuals that don’t understand how this type of applicator works so they try it for a second time and notice there is nothing on the brush and through it out immediately. Totally elevated my eyebrow game.

Does its job

The pen definitely needs to be turned upright to get the pigment out, otherwise you have to shake it every few strokes. My brows look much more natural then if I fill them in with a brush or gel. I will be purchasing this again for sure.

Jan S
Miraculous Product

I am like you and do not have any more than 5 eyebrow hairs on each eyebrow if that. I have been using Smart Brow until they raised their price to around $80.00 a tube. I ordered this to give it a try. I look bad with no eyebrows. I ordered in dark brown as my hair . It was amazing product. it changed my complete eye brows density and look.